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Where whimsical can be wise & learning can be fun because there is always time for make believe.

Our Philosophy

We believe that:

Each child we welcome into our center is a special and unique person.

By providing a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment, we are building a sense of community that encourages the diversity and individuality of each child and their families.

By encouraging each child’s individual abilities and development in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment, we can build a place for them to learn, play and grow.

We encourage each child’s optimal development and assist them to reach their full potential while celebrating their abilities and diversity. 

Our Image of the Child

We view children as strong, capable and powerful protagonists in their own learning. Children are valued for what they are now, and not simply for what they will become

Mission Statement

We work with our families and community to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment that celebrates each child's individuality and diversity

- The Provost Daycare Society


Provost Alberta

5024 48 Street,

Provost, Alberta

T0B 3S0




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